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A website is an indispensable part of any business. With internet users increasing rapidly, it is only fitting for a company to invest in web development services in India, Dubai & France. A website is the digital face of a brand that can build or break a customer’s user experience, making it even more vital for you to have a responsive and user-friendly website. Atelier Clout provides superior website development services for brands who want to stand out and deliver an exceptional customer experience.


We are an award-winning web development agency in India that helps you design, develop, and maintain your website that seamlessly delivers your brand message to keep your customers engaged in their buyer journey.

As a leading e-commerce development company in India with experience ranging over seven years, we understand the role of having a dynamic website for your organization that easily connects with your target audience. Our excellent team of web developers, designers, creative thinkers, and coders understand the intricacies of a great website and help you create and upgrade yours.

Some Of Our Web Development Services Include:

A well-designed, interactive and adaptive website has several advantages, including higher SEO rankings, better conversion rates, and a higher number of returning visitors.

Our web development services in India are tactfully designed and executed to create interactive websites.


An e-commerce website needs to be intuitive. To implement this, a thorough study of the product purchase cycle is required, which is successfully done by a web development company like ours. Besides this, we also offer services such as writing product descriptions and revenue tracking.



With expansive browsing being done on mobile phones, having a mobile-first website is crucial for brands. The website should be enhanced to work on different platforms and provide an optimized UX. Our team is dedicated to e-commerce development services plans and creates enhanced user experience with faster load times and exceptional design.



Cross-platform browsing is a norm that must be considered when developing a website. To provide a superior user experience, your website should be responsive and optimized for different devices, and we help you achieve that and more!



E-commerce business benefits significantly from building their website on Shopify. We offer Shopify Development services such as theme designing, plugin development and installation, and Shopify store migration and maintenance. 



Our WordPress development services go beyond building highly interactive websites on the CMS. We also help you create feature-rich web pages, WordPress migration, and more.



Content management systems allow you to track and update all your content efficiently. We help you develop a CMS-based website that you can operate even with minimal technical knowledge on your part.



When you choose us as your website design partner, we assist you in building design-friendly, easy-to-customize, versatile and secure websites on the renowned PHP framework – Laravel.

Why Choose Atelier Clout –
Best Web Development Company In India, Dubai & France

We have a client roster of more than 200 brands who have relied on us for website development services in India, Dubai & France.

As an e-commerce development company, our team comprises handpicked professionals with in-depth knowledge and understanding of website development. We aim to deliver the most personalized solutions to our clients through comprehensive research. We offer a fixed & variable cost model that is performance-based with a dynamic pricing plan.

If you are looking for a web development company in India, Dubai & France Atelier Clout is just what you’re looking for. Our experience of working on over 500 projects has helped carve a unique space in the industry.

Other Location-Based Services
  • Web Development Services in Mumbai

  • Web Development Services in Bangalore 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is website development?

Website development is essential in digital marketing which involves creating, maintaining, and evolving a brand’s website. This website allows a brand to be seen, its products marketed, and consumers to be attracted. As an e-commerce development company in India, we aim to ensure maximum traction for your website.

2. How does website development help?

An e-commerce development company allows the brand to communicate better with users, improve outreach, provide information, take feedback, increase traffic, connect to social media, and so much more. It also helps establish reliability and credibility as a brand.

3. How can it be done?

As a website development company in India, we can make your website easy to navigate, connect it with SEO, make it user-friendly, and facilitate customer service options. 

4. What are the other digital advertising services you provide?

As a website development company, Atelier Clout provides digital advertising, including creating a brand strategy, social media marketing, branding, campaigns, etc. 

5. What are the other services?

Under website development services, we provide tech-related services such as UI/UX, app development, e-commerce solutions, and website maintenance. As part of ORM, we provide response and perception management, listening, and CRM. We also offer search-related services such as SEO, SEM, paid media, and e-commerce SEO. 

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