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Best Influencer Marketing Agency In Delhi

Looking for the best Influencer Marketing Agency in Delhi to boost your online presence?

Influencer marketing services are an effective way to promote your brand and reach a wider audience. With the rise of social media, influencers have become key players in the advertising industry. As an influencer marketing agency, we specialize in connecting brands with the right influencers to create successful campaigns.

Atelier Clout's influencer marketing services include influencer identification, outreach, and campaign management. We work with a diverse range of influencers across various platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and more. Our team conducts thorough research to identify the best influencers for your brand and target audience, ensuring maximum ROI.

We also provide SEO optimization services to ensure your influencer marketing campaigns are reaching the right audience. By using relevant keywords and optimizing your content, we can improve your brand's visibility and increase your organic traffic.

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Badly executed influencer activations are a vanity act. Well executed activations command attention and deliver performance. Authenticity is paramount to a successful influencer marketing campaign. Our platforms and processes enable us to validate every single influencer match. 


Authenticity is paramount to a successful influencer marketing campaign. Our platform and processes ensure we validate every single influencer match.



We are experts at building and maintaining relationships with some of the best creators in the world. From micro-influencers to social superstars and celebrities, we’ve got you covered.



We create bespoke seeding campaigns that get your product into the hands of the right influencers. We have proven success in creating brand affinity in a cost-effective way.



We manage all aspects of your influencer marketing campaigns, from creative concepts and influencer selection to the overseeing of content activations and reporting.



With data at the core, we evaluate (in real-time) the success of our campaigns with ease, focusing on attention, action and ROI.

Why Atelier Clout

As An Influencer And Paid Social Agency,

We're Pretty Good At This Social Lark,

Even If We Do Say So Ourselves.

After All, It’s In Our DNA.

We Are A Team Of Social Natives Having Offices In

India, Dubai, London & France, And Beyond,

Who Live And Breathes Social Media -

We Couldn't Imagine Life Without It.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing (or word-of-mouth marketing) involves influencers who promote a brand or product to a target or niche audience. The marketing strategy helps brands reach their end goals, like building brand awareness, increasing sales, inviting traffic and leads, and more. Influencer marketing can be a sub-strategy of social media marketing and content marketing as it focuses on two elements: 

• Social media – influencers mostly promote products and services on their social media pages

• Content – influencers create relevant content to talk about the brand

Who is an Influencer?

The term influencer is used to define someone who has an influence or convincing power over a group of people. It can be anyone from social media influencers to content creators, celebrities, and key opinion leaders. 

The influencers have an established presence and a loyal following on websites and social networks like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, etc. They create relevant content in specific niches like beauty, lifestyle, gaming, sustainability, fashion, and so on to engage their audience. 

Some influencers are also known as opinion or thought leaders who have the power to persuade the target audience based on their knowledge and expertise in a particular subject. They can be doctors, lawyers, nutritionists, and more.

Influencers vs. Brand ambassadors: Which one should you choose?

Brand ambassadors promote your products, services, and overall brand message with the consumers for little to no compensation. They are existing customers of your brand who love your products and have previously shared reviews, testimonials, and guides on social media, websites, or events. Brands approach ambassadors for long-term partnerships as they are already familiar with the product and can build credibility. 

On the other hand, influencers are knowledgeable people who have experience creating content in a niche. Influencers may or may not be existing brand customers, but they speak passionately about your brand and share personalized content with their followers for compensation. Brands approach influencers for relatively shorter partnerships. 

Choosing between the two depends on your business goals and budget. If you have a small budget and want to partner with someone who has in-depth knowledge about your product, then go for brand ambassadors. 

But if you aim to boost awareness and reach new customers with shareable content, go for influencers.

How is influencer marketing different from affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing includes affiliates who work with a brand to bring new customers and increase sales for a fixed commission.
Whereas in influencer marketing, brands focus more on generating awareness, increasing traffic, boosting sales and revenue, improving social engagement, and more with the help of different types of influencers.

How many types of influencers are there?

Influencers can be divided into categories based on their level of expertise, niche, follower count, location, and more. 

Here are three main categories of influencers:
Based on the follower count 

• Nano influencers: 1K to 10K followers
• Micro-influencers: 10K to 50K followers
• Mid-tier influencers: 50K to 500K
• Macro influencers: 500K to 1M followers
• Mega or celebrity influencers: Above 1M followers

Based on niche or industry 

• Beauty
• Fashion
• Sustainability 
• Gaming
• Non-fungible token (NFT) 
• Fintech 
• Cryptocurrency 
• Food
• Mental Health 
• Wellness 
• Pet 
• Parent
• Kid 

‍Check out our list of top influencers by niche and geolocation. 

‍Based on area of expertise 

• Social media 
• Bloggers 
• Vloggers 
• Thought leaders or experts ‍

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