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Direct. Lean. Global.
We Elevate Brands.


ATELIER CLOUT is a full-service digital marketing agency devoted entirely to the Fashion world. Creating desire and achieving transformative growth for leading and high-profile fashion brands. Building successful brands internationally by uncovering the “WHY” behind their existence.

#AC was formed to DISCOVER, SUPPORT, and PROVIDE DIGITAL SOLUTIONS to atelier artists. Delivering digital growth to fashion artists via Brand PropositionsStrategy, and Competitive Analysis.

Our business objectives are not just as digital marketers, but also as advisers, negotiators, and sales representatives to our clients to achieve their goals. We Develop and execute your campaign from A-Z with An In-House team of experts.  In this digital era, we deliver exceptional branding, memorable content, compelling storytelling, high conversion, and transformative growth.


We are a harmonious team of data-driven strategists, marketing specialists, and creative technologists all extremely passionate about the development of leading brands. We build brands, create desire, and craft result-based digital strategies for transformative growth.


We’re not just an agency, we’re your group. An extension to your internal team. A highly proactive and driven team committed to the art of effectively communicating your message to your target market, whether it is through a re-brand, digital package, advertising campaign, PR + event production, or the combination of all our disciplines. Our work compliments all of your communication channels within a national or international market. Founded in 2021, it now with offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, Paris, and Canada.


The agency was founded by Harenn Sagar, a creative marketing and brand consultant for global leading brands. Today we are a global team working with the world’s leading and high-profile brands.

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